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Tips to improve IELTS writing skills

6 Useful Tips to Improve IELTS Writing Skills


A multitude of IELTS learners ask me how to boost their IELTS Writing scores to Band 7.0 or higher. It’s not an easy question to…


The More You Read, The Better You Write


A lot of IELTS candidates find Writing Task 2 is a huge challenge. Unless you’re so lucky that the topic falls right into your…


Band 8.0 Sample Answers for IELTS Speaking Test & Main Tips for 3 Speaking Parts


This lesson will help you prepare for the Speaking section of the IELTS test with a prime example for IELTS Speaking Actual Test and Main Tips…

The secret to speak English naturally and fluently

The secret to speak English naturally and fluently


Before jump into how to learn to speak English, let’s figure out what is to be fluent in English or what is fluency? I…

ieltsmaterial.com-how to improve vocabulary in ielts writing & speaking

How to Boost Your Vocabulary Score in IELTS ?


A proper grasp of vocabulary is definitely one of the most important criteria in the IELTS test. Not only does vocabulary make up 25% of your mark in IELTS writing and speaking but…

ieltsmaterial.com-matching headings

IELTS Reading Tips & Practice Test: Matching Headings to Paragraphs


This post will help you match headings more effectively in the IELTS reading test with Common Pitfalls, Tips, Techniques and Practice Test. IELTS Reading Tips &…

ieltsmaterial.com-ielts reading technique and tips

Tips and Techniques to Increase your Reading Speed for IELTS Reading


One of the challenges in IELTS reading is speed reading. Each IELTS reading test comprises of around 900 words (with 40 questions in an hour)…

ieltsmaterial.com-3 brilliant tv series to improve your ielts speaking and pronunciation part 1

3 Brilliant TV Series to Improve Your IELTS Speaking, Listening & Pronunciation (Part 1)


Free download or watch online Top 3 Movies/TV series for IELTS learners (part 1) to improve IELTS Speaking, Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary, Listening, etc 3 Brilliant…

ieltsmaterial-top 3 books for IELTS learners

Top 3 Books for IELTS Learners (Ebooks & Audiobooks)


If you find it boring to study IELTS with tedious IELTS books like English Grammar in Use, Improve your IELTS Writing Skills, you should…

ieltsmaterial.com-how to get a high score in ielts in one month

How to Get a High Score in IELTS in One Month?


Today, some people on Quora.com asked me How to get a high score (Band 7.5+) in IELTS in ONE MONTH? My answer is “The…