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“Academic success depends on research and publications.” (Philip Zimbardo)
Academic research is one of the most beneficial practice in academic life for the students. Academic research enhance the students’ skills, abilities, thinking capabilities and opinion criteria. It is also significant for students in their professional life and provide the soft edge in there resume for the selection of job. In this era, every university require the research work in any academic program or in any field. Research work is intimidating and overwhelming process. On the other prospective of conducting research is that it is student turn to select new and interesting subject and present own ideas about what is means. The research work enhance the creative skill in the students which are hidden and need to be polish. In academic research, student may choose their own topic, source and have to synthesize and analyze information, facts and figures to create something entirely new, either it is a paper, lab report, or presentation. The internet provide the research work more convenient and comprehensive but to select the core content relevant to research objective from the vast amount of information available required the research skills.
The quality of any academic organization is analyzed by their research work and how much they emphasis their students for research. Are they emphasis only or provide the better assistance and guidance in preparing the research. How many research article of the university has been published in authentic journals? Are the university have their own research journal where only the quality of research published? These are the things that is necessary for any organization to make reputation in the market. The paramount California University UAE is well known about its quality researches. To become a part of this university it is necessary for the students from any course of filed to conduct research work. The students are allowed to take guidance from the instructor in selection of research topic, conducting research work, gather research related content and present their own perspective.
The paramount California University UAE has the comprehensiveness, facilities and international status necessary to meet and provide opportunities not available elsewhere in the nation’s innovation system. This is the one reason that only small proportion of the universities can make the vast impact and status among international university. This university contain the sophisticated scholarly sources, advanced libraries, archives, databases and other necessary material that is necessary for the research work. The selection of the research topic is very difficult for the students and most of the time with no proper guidance student select the wrong topic and in the middle realize that they have selected the wrong topic. This university provide the proper guidance in selection of research topic and suggest the proper path for go through. This university also conduct the special class in order to aware the students what to do and what not to do in the research and what are the points that are necessary for the research.
Another most important thing in academic research is credibility, which means the quality and originality of work. It is very necessary in the research article to provide the authentic source and material and also related to the research. The Paramount California University UAE give more importance for the credibility of the research work. Therefore, this university create the library where all the updated research work is available. This university promotes the student to critical think and explores the social, environmental and economic issues prevail in the region. With the help of in-house data base of research articles and journals, the student can explore the previous researches on different topics and issues. This university also organize the training to enhance the individual creative skills and decision making capabilities.    

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Academic Research
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