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The educational colleges and universities having international accreditation possess priority in the eyes of most of the students. Every student wants to be part of an educational institution which has good international credentials, academic curriculum and other facilities. The intellectual level of students, their way of thinking and discretion enhances with increase in education. The Must University online degree programs are making sure about the provision of knowledge and quality information to the students on a continuous basis. These educational colleges and universities are getting international accreditation from the past few years. Most of the international accreditations are related to business or research, however, it has been started for other subjects as well which means that the scope of education has been expanding and international accreditation bodies are urging students to identify and solve the issues and challenges of the society. The international accreditation agencies are responsible for endorsing the offered programs of the educational colleges and universities after examining and verifying their stated policies and practices with their mission and objectives. If the educational institution succeeds in providing reliable feedback to the accreditation agency, then the international accreditation agency will provide its services to that particular college or university. Must University non fake online degree program are also evaluated and monitored by such international accreditation bodies for the planning and execution of strategies adopted by them. Hence, the perception of the Must University online degree programs being fake is not correct. In most of the institutions, accreditation of programs is done for business and research related programs. However, international accreditation has been started for some online degree programs as well. Some of the online educational colleges and universities may also provide facilities of certification for their offered programs.  The diversity of offered programs by Must University non fake online degree program should not be complicated. The international accreditation agencies are aimed at doing the standardized examination of online educational colleges and universities. It is a time-consuming process and also requires particular resources available for this purpose. The international accreditation can be done for the entire online educational college or university but in such cases, it does not mean that every program offered by that institute is of a higher standard or have the same level of recognition. Must University non fake online degree program has been offering legitimate online educational programs, which does not mean that all programs will be addressed by same faculty members. There are different teachers for teaching different academic programs and the performance of teachers would increase if the students have better knowledge of the socioeconomic factors and along with existing technological advancements and learnings. The international accreditation system implemented various steps for the accreditation process of Must University and its online degree programs. In the first step, a tentative plan is formulated which gathers the reaction of students and responses of public. The purpose of it is to know about the implication of the offered online program, and determine whether it should be introduced or not.  Must University online degree programs have been accepted as legitimate by the international accreditation system. It is unfair to judge the credibility of Must University based on the illegitimate actions of other fake online educational institutions that are not even internationally accredited and recognized. Must University online degree programs have been providing high quality educational services for several years and its international accreditation status is proof of that. Moreover, satisfaction of Must University students and their placement in high earning jobs provides enough evidence for the non-fake status of Must University and its online degree programs.

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