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How to Boost Your Vocabulary Score in IELTS ?


A proper grasp of vocabulary is definitely one of the most important criteria in the IELTS test. Not only does vocabulary make up 25% of your mark in IELTS writing and speaking but…

Free Download English Vocabulary In Use Upper-Intermediate Level

Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use with Answers (Upper-Intermediate)


Free Download English Vocabulary in Use with Answers (Upper-Intermediate) – PDF version by Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell, published by Cambridge Book Description The third in…

ieltsmaterial.com - Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary 4th Edition

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (4th edition)


A fully updated edition of the best-selling Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. This paperback edition is ideal for advanced (C1-C2) learners of English and contains…

570 academic word list for IELTS

570 High-incidence and High-utility Academic Words for IELTS


The Academic Word List compiled by Coxhead, contains 570 word families which are the most commonly used over a very wide range of academic texts. …


English Collocations in Use – Advanced Edition (Ebook)


Check out English Collocations in Use: Advanced Edition. Be careful because this book can make you sound like a native speaker! Book Description English Collocations…

Top 9 most common topic

Vocabulary for Top 9 Most Common Topics in IELTS Exam


Academic Vocabulary for Top 9 Most Common Topics in IELTS Exam Vocabulary plays an important role in achieving high score in IELTS test. It…

English Vocabulary in Use Elementary with Answers

Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use: Elementary Edition


English Vocabulary in Use: Elementary by Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell The first in the family of best-selling vocabulary reference and practice books from elementary…