10 Academic Words that will Help you Score IELTS Band 9 (Part 2)

ieltsmaterial.com - academic vocabulary
ieltsmaterial.com - academic vocabulary

Continuing the previous topic last week, today, I will introduce you to ten more academic words, which are very powerful if you use correctly. Therefore, you could improve your Band score in IELTS Writing.

Intrusion (n): When someone does something or something happens, that affects you private life or activities in an unwanted way.

  • This is a governmental intrusion on the freedom of the press.

Involuntary (adj): Happening without the person concerned wanting it to.

  • The distinction between voluntary and involuntary unemployment is often blurred.

Itinerary (n): a plan of a journey, including the route and the places that you visit.

  • Visits to four different countries are included in your itinerary.

Lucid (adj): clearly expressed; easy to understand.

  • There is only one lucid explanation for this problem.

Lucrative (adj): producing a large amount of money; making a large profit.

  • Many of the engineers left the service for more lucrative jobs abroad.

Ludicrous (adj): Unreasonable; that you cannot take seriously.

  • It was ludicrous to think that the plan might succeed.

Jurisdiction (n): the authority that an official organization has to make legal decisions about somebody/something.

  • The British courts have universal jurisdiction over torture cases.

Lenient (adj): not as strict as expected when punishing somebody or when making sure that rules are obeyed.

  • School examiners say that marking has become more lenient in recent years.

Loathe (v): To dislike somebody/something very much.

  • Many of the people fear and loathe the new government.

Obsess (v): to completely fill your mind so that you cannot think of anything else, in a way that is not normal.

  • Modern people are becoming obsessed with material wealth.

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