10 Academic Words That Will Help You Score IELTS Band 9 (Part 3)

ieltsmaterial.com - academic vocabulary
ieltsmaterial.com - academic vocabulary

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy two previous posts about academic words. Have you tried to use these words when you write IELTS essays? I hope the answer is “YES”.

Today, I decided to pull together another post in the same spirit. Below are ten academic words that I want to cover in this post. These academic words helps you to get good IELTS Band score.

Metropolitan (adj): connected with a large or capital city.

  • A metropolitan area of South Germany is becoming developing rapidly.

Mimic (v): to look or behave like something else.

  • The robot was programmed to mimic a series of human movements.

Miniature (adj): very small; much smaller than usual.

  • Some parents expect their children to behave like miniature adults.

Moderation (n): The quality of being reasonable and not being extreme.

  • Moderation in eating and drinking is the way to stay healthy.

Monarchy (n):a country that is ruled by a king or a queen.

  • There are several constitutional monarchies in Europe.

Mirage (n): a hope or wish that you cannot make happen because it is not realistic.

  • His idea of love was a mirage.

Mischievous (adj): enjoying playing tricks and annoying people.

  • A mischievous boy

Miser (n) a person who loves money and hates spending it

  • Mike was a stereotypical miser, he spent nothing he could save; neither giving to charity nor enjoying his wealth.

Lackadaisical (adj): not showing enough care or enthusiasm.

  • He has a lackadaisical approach to finding a job.

Legitimate (adj): allowed and acceptable according to the law

  • The legitimate government was reinstated after the uprising.

I hope you found this post informative. If you have any question, please let me know in the comment below or on the Facebook page.

And do not forget to come back to see the next part of this post. Hope all of you have a great day!

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