12 useful idioms about Time to achieve IELTS Speaking band 8.0

ielts idioms about time by ieltsmaterial
ielts idioms about time by ieltsmaterial

In this post we will cover 12 useful idioms about time that help you to answer questions in IELTS Speaking test.

  1. In the nick of time – doing or finishing something at the last possible moment
  • She has arrived to class in the nick of time before the beginning of the exam.
  1. Turn back the hands of time – indicating a desire to visit the past
  • Claire hopes to turn back the hands of time to change the decision that she made.
  1. Time flies – time passes quickly
  • Time flies quickly after a long – term course.
  1. Save time – doing things in a quicker way
  • You would save your time when you use this way.
  1. Spare time – free time
  • After a hard – working time at college, John has spare time to relax and have fun.
  1. As time goes by – indicates the passage of time
  • As time goes by two decades, children tend to depend much on technology.
  1. Time for a change – time to start something new
  • It is time for a change in the way that people treat the environment.
  1. Time is money – time is a valuable commodity
  • It is unaccepted to waste time for unworthy things because “Time is money”.
  1. Time heals all wounds – time removes emotional scars
  • Time would heal all one’s wounds and help them to overcome pains.
  1. Only time will tell – time will give as the truth or idea in the future
  • Only time will tell who is trustworthy in relationships.
  1. A whale of time – a great time
  • They had a whale of time when they studied in New Zealand.
  1. A hard time – hardships, suffering, problems
  • She had to overcome a hard time after her grandmother’s death.


I hope you will find this post useful for your IELTS Speaking test. If you have any questions, please comment below this post or on Facebook, we will reply as soon as possible.

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Learning new languages is always good for further positions. The more you learn, the better knowledge you get.

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Learning new languages is always good for further positions. The more you learn, the better knowledge you get.

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