47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam (May – August, 2016) & Band 8.0+ Model Answers

21. Describe a photo of yourself that you like

You should say:

when the photo was taken

how this photograph was taken

where the photo was taken

who took the photo

and explain why the photo was taken or why you think it is a good photo

Model Answer for IELTS SPeaking Part 2

The photo I would like to describe is a scenic, which was just taken by my phone. Although this photo is just a normal scenic, it was taken in a special place, which is on helicopter. In summer holiday last year, my roommate and I decide to go to America for a one-month travelling. When we arrived there, we heard from local that Grand Canyon is the most famous attraction in California. People living there suggested us that viewing canyon scenery from sky was the best choice. And we felt really moved and interested in their words. So we immediately booked tickets for sky tour of Grand Canyon. Originally, I planned to enjoy the first time of the sky tour, but actually the helicopter shaked heavily and it was difficult to take any photos during flying. This made me dizzy. You know, I looked outside the window and enjoyed views by eyes without taking any photos. Luckily, after we got off from the helicopter, my roommate told me that she used her phone, taking a photo for me. The photo has splendid background of the whole Grand Canyon and I was looking at the window. I love this photo and use it as my desktop until now.

22.Describe a time when you saw an interesting animal.

You should say:

what animal it was

where you saw it

what happened when you saw it *

how you felt when you saw it

and explain why you thought it was interesting.

Model Answer:

I found there was a bat nest in my balcony recently, and one night I happened to see they flew across the patio under our apartment and hover in the sky. I was shocked, because it was dark outside but they knew exactly where to go without mistakes. Moreover, they went out only at night.

I thought bats are interesting not because they can fly in the dark since I know they are nocturnal animals. I always think the ability which aids bats fly and prey capture is their unusual eye-sight, like another nocturnal animal, owls. But the truth is because of their echolocation. Bat echolocation is a perceptual system where ultrasonic sounds are emitted specifically to produce echoes. By comparing the outgoing pulse with the returning echoes the brain and auditory nervous system can produce detailed images of the bat’s surroundings. This allows bats to detect, localize and even classify their prey in complete darkness.

23.Describe a meal you had your friends or family (in someone’s home or in a restaurant).

You should say:

who organized this meal

where you had it

what you talked about during the meal

what you ate and drank

and explain why you had this meal with your friends.

Model Answer

The meal I really enjoyed with my friends was the one when we graduated from high school three years ago.

We had it in July, when we just graduated. One of my best friends Monica organized it. She reserved our favourite restaurant which was just two blocks away from our school. It served traditional Chinese food and we all enjoyed it so much. We often had birthday parties together there, so it was the perfect place for us to, you know, say goodbye to our high school and start a new life.

The food there, like I just said, was very popular. We had a lot of amazing dishes, including MapoTofu, vegetable soup and fried rice. The yummiest one was Kung Pao Chicken, we ordered the super spicy one, and it was crazy hot.

During the dinner, we talked about our future, you know, the university we were going to, the new life we would have in a couple of months. We even came to an agreement that every July, we would come back to the restaurant and had a dinner together. We all made it so far. I mean, we’ve already had two dinners together.

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