47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam (May – August, 2016) & Band 8.0+ Model Answers

24.Describe an item of clothing that someone (recently) gave to you.

You should say:

what it was

who gave it to you

what it looked like

why they gave it to you

and explain how you felt about this gift.

Sample Answer:

It just happened on last year of my birthday.
My sister bought me a strapless dress as a present. I felt surprised because this dress is not my taste. My sister said she bought it for me because she has never seen I wore any this kind of dress. She told me, girls should have to care your appearance and strapless dress is one of the most vital items in my wardrobe. The dress comes from a famous luxury brand and I know lots of my friends dream for it. You know, the dress is black with understated decoration on the hemline. Although I love this gorgeous dream, it could be worn only on formal occasions. So I wore this dress in my graduation ceremony party. A lot of my classmates were fascinated by it and came to ask me where they could buy it.
You know, as I said I had never dressed like that before. But after that time, I became more confident and changed my dressing style.

25.Describe a time when the weather caused you to change your plans.

You should say:

what your plan was (or, plans were)

what weather you were hoping for (or expecting)

what happened

and explain how you felt when you had to change your plans.

 Model Answer

I’d like to talk about the time when my travel plan got shattered by the horrible weather.

Last summer vacation, my parents took me to Sanya, which is a coastal city in the south of China where there’s gorgeous views and exciting entertainment facilities. We planed a wonderful vacation during which we could try palatable seafood, play exhilarating water sports, or just lie on the beach doing nothing, so as you can imagine, for a girl who has been living far away from the sea, I was pretty thrilled about that trip, but to my great disappointment, there happened to be a typhoon just the day I arrived there, which totally ruined my plan.

It rained heavily and it was unbelievably windy, I couldn’t even step outside, otherwise I would get completely soaked, plus, it was pretty dangerous, you know, with the gale and all. The typhoon lasted for many days, and it didn’t go away until the day I left.

I bought lots of colorful dresses that are designed to wear on the beach but sadly I didn’t have the chance to put them on. I thought I could take quite a few stunning pictures that I could post on the social networking websites where I can get a lot of likes, you know. However, I just ended up staying in the boring hotel, complaining about the unexpected weather, which pathetically became my Plan-B.

So I felt that the money I spent on my flight tickets and the hotel just went down the drain. It was literally the worst travel experience ever.

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