47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam (May – August, 2016) & Band 8.0+ Model Answers

26.Describe a time when someone apologized to you.

You should say:

who apologised to you

why they apologised

where it happened

and explain how you felt (or what you said) after this person apologised.

Band 8.0 Model Answer:
Today I’m going to share with you an occasion when one tour consultant gave me an apology for being late for picking us up at the airport.

It just happened in last month. My friends and I decided to go travelling to somewhere during the vacation. Finally, we chose Korea as our destination. As none of us can speak Korean and in order to avoid any uncertainties may occur during the trip, we think joining a travel group may be the best choice for us. So we consulted a local travel agency and made the payment immediately. The travel agency promised that they would pick us up on time at Seoul airport when we arrived there. However, when we arrived in Seoul and waited for over 1 hour, no one showed up. By nature, I’m a forgiving person and hardly take mistakes seriously because I think anyone can make blunders sometime really. But waiting for such a long time made me feel helpless and annoyed. I called back to the travel agency and after an hour of busy signals, I finally got through. The staff who answered my phone  explained to us that it was his fault that he forgot to type our names on this travel group list and he would try his best to solve the problem.

Finally, the company arranged another car to pick us up and we got part of refund as well when we came back to HongKong. He also sent us a long email to show the apology to us for his mistake. My gut instinct told me that the apology seemed genuine and sincere, and I should try to accept the apology and then I acted on that acceptance by replying his email to show my appreciation for his attempts and my willing to recommend their tours to other friends who want to visit Korea.

27.Describe a story or novel you have (recently) read that you found to be particularly interesting.

You should say:

what the plot of the story or novel was

who wrote it

why you read it

how much time it took to read it

and explain why you thought it was interesting.

Model Answer for IELTS Speaking Part 2

Admittedly, for the past few months, I haven’t been reading as much as I should because of my new projects at work. It’s a shame, because reading is, without a doubt, the best way to learn as well as to relax. The last book that I read, “A still forest pool”, is also the one that has had the most significant impact on me.

Basically, “A still forest pool” is a book about meditation written by Ajahn Chah, a Buddhist master in Thailand. Ajahn had spent years meditating in forest monasteries, which are not as easy to be found as they were several decades ago. Being among the most influential and respected teacher of Buddhism in his own country, he has been known as a man of great wisdom who people seek advice from.

“A still forest pool” is such a remarkable book which reflects the author’s simple yet powerful message about Buddhist practice of “everyday mindfulness”. Not only does it describe the importance of staying fully awake in everyday life, but it also shows people how to start living mindfully. The book has profound insights, especially for the West, where Buddhism has recently become more popular.

This is definitely the most interesting book that I have ever read. It helps me realize how important it is to live fully in the present instead of the past or the future. I would recommend it to everyone who is in search for inspiration, motivation or simply a change in attitude in order to live more meaningfully.

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