47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam (May – August, 2016) & Band 8.0+ Model Answers

28.Describe some local news that people in your locality are interested in.

You should say:

what the news is

how you know about this news

who is involved in this news

and explain why it is interesting to people.

Sample Answer

Last summer I saw a news on the net which is very interesting and encourage.

In my hometown surrounded with some rural area where is very poor.the young man in there are not satisfied wither living condition,so they move to big city looking for good employment opportunities,but they don’t have any skills to earn money,so they study electrical weld in a vocational school.After they graduate they came to Australia by labor service export. They are hard working ,energetic, and gradually received faith form their local employer.Finally they become the Australian Permanent Resident.The salary they earn is enough to afford their house ownership,and they have extra money monthly send back to china for their parents.When this news first appear in china,that vocational school become very popular,and many people want to study in it.Now these guys working and living happily in Australian.

When the first time I heard this news,I felt very interesting but felt more encouragement from it,they came from poor family but had changed their life through their effort ,their spirit deserve all of us to learn it.

29.Describe the first time you used a foreign language to communicate.

You should say:

who you communicated with

what the situation was *

what you said (or wrote)

and explain how you felt during this experience.

Model Answer 1:

I remember the first time I talk with other people in English happened when I was a middle school student.
One day, my mom heard from her colleagues that there was an English Corner that would be held twice a month near our apartment. So she encouraged me to go for practicing English-speaking skills. Actually, I was not willing to do that. But finally I forced myself toward it because I know it was a good chance to communicate with foreigners.When I arrived there, a guy came over me with a warm smile. He started to introduce himself and showed his friendliness. He spoke English in a fluent and natural way and sounded like a native English speaker. Needless to say, I was a bundle of nerves because I knew my English accent, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary were not good at all. Surprisingly, he told me that English was not his mother tongue and urged me to speak out. Thus I used my poor English to chat with him and he listened to me patiently, complimented on my accent which made me feel much more confident.

Although we just met for a while, that inspirational man really motivated me to learn English with focus and commitment. I also got to understand that if you want to learn something new, you must be brave and go towards it.

Model Answer 2:

The first time I used a foreign language was actually pretty funny.
When I was in high school, I attended a summer camp in London, and our school arranged home-stay for us in order to help us learn the language and customs. We were so thrilled about that trip and most of us just couldn’t get to sleep on the plane, even though it was an exhausting 15-hour flight. I remember by the time we arrived at our homestay family, it was early in the morning, but due to the jet lag, everyone was drowsy. And I drank a lot of coffee on the way, so I needed to use the bathroom badly. It was a three-story house, there’s no way I could find the bathroom myself. So I asked the mother in the family where the bathroom was, but she led me to a room with a bathtub but no toilet. I was confused. But I suddenly remembered there are minor language differences between American English and British English, so I thought maybe that was one of them. I got out of the “bathroom” and racked my brains trying to find a word better than “pee”, ‘cause I guess “I want to pee.” is not a proper thing to say to a stranger. But I really couldn’t think of anything other than that, so I just went ahead and said “Excuse me, where can I pee?” And she took me to a room on the second floor.
So that was the first time that I communicated with a foreigner, and as you can see, it was a little embarrassing. But once I got to know the language and their customs better, everything just went much smoother.

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