47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam (May – August, 2016) & Band 8.0+ Model Answers

47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam
47 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics for IELTS Exam

30. Describe an occasion when you helped someone.

You should say:

who you helped

how you helped them

where it happened

why you helped them

and explain how this person reacted to your help

or/and explain how you felt after helping this person.

Sample Answer

Well. There are times when people need other’s help and lend a helping hand to others as well I am no exception. Last year, I helped my roommate to see a doctor as she could barely walk because of the great pain caused by kidney stone.

Actually, it was in a snowy morning, I waked up and saw that she was trembling all over and as white as a sheet in her bed. She thought it would be alright after a while. Without a second thought, I took all the cash I had and helped her to get dressed, and then we hurried to the nearest hospital in a taxi. However, after all the difficulties we had in catching a taxi and all the coldness and pain my roommate suffered, the hospital did not put an immediate end to it. We had to stand in a long line to pay the registration fee first.What pissed me off was that there were still more patients before us waiting to see the doctor. Later, with prescription in hand, I had to do the whole waiting thing again to pay for and pick up medicine separately. Thankfully, the acute pain of my roommate was greatly relieved by a shot of painkiller. As we returned to school, I put her to bed and saw her grateful look.

For my part, I think it is quite natural to help people we care about and expect nothing in return. And I believe a friend in need is a friend indeed. Besides, I do enjoy the feeling of being needed.

31.Describe what you think would be the perfect job (or “dream job”) for you.

You should say:

what job it would be (or is)

what you would do in this job

what skills you would need to learn for this job

and explain why you think this would be the perfect job for you.

Sample Answer

It has always been my dream to be a singer ever since I was a child. When I was a kid I used to be a singing talent. I would win many singing competitions and represented the school in the choir. However, because of the pressure of the College Entrance Exam I had to stop singing and focus on my studies to go to a good university.

The main reason why I’d like to be a singer is cuz it would allow me to inspire the world. I’m quite fond of the idea that people would be listening to my songs and trying to be more like me-a nice guy.

These days, the only time I sing is probably in the shower or when I’m at a karaoke bar with my friends. I even had a plan for how to spend all the money I would make once I became famous guess I’ll have to earn money the old fashioned way now-by starting my own company.

If I had a chance I would definitely choose to be a singer but I’m still quite realistic and that’s why I’m going abroad to study business.

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