Describe a piece of information that you think is not correct

Describe A Piece Of Information That You Think Is Not Correct

Describe a piece of information that you think is not correct/ Describe a time when you got wrong information

  •  what information
  •  where you heard/read this information
  •  when you heard/read it
  •   and explain why you think it is incorrect.



Wrong information is something we simply cannot avoid in life. I remember this one time when I got wrong results for one of my IELTS tests.

Apparently there’s a 13-day wait before the result is out, and almost every test-taker feels nervous, hopeful and worried at the same time during this period. I was no exception. I did pretty well and was hoping for an 8.5. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I received a message from the test organiser (IDP) first thing in the morning telling me that I got a THREE. A freaking THREE.

I wasn’t overconfident and I knew I couldn’t have gone lower than 7. So I immediately called IDP and complained. They soon admitted that there was a ‘systematic issue’ and would come back to me soon with the latest information.

I needed to wait for a further 2 weeks to get the result, and luckily this time I got what I wanted.

I think the lesson is that if you get some wrong and bad information, try to be calm and find a way to deal with it.

Part 3

  • What kind of job need giving information?
  • How can someone tell if the information they receive is right or wrong?
  • Would you say people trust the information that is found online?

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