Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 Topic : employment patterns in the USA – Line Graph

Model answer 05:

The line graph compares the percentages of employment in a variety of sectors over the 80-year period in the USA. It is clear the agricultural livelihood were far the most popular job among other areas in 1930. By contrast, technical jobs were taken by the least number of people in the same year. However, the figures for all the other sectors overtook those for agricultural jobs by 2010. In 1930, most Americans were working in the field of agriculture, at nearly 80%, while other sectors (industrial, sales and office, technical, and other services) were the least popular jobs, at below 20%. By 1990, the figure for farming, fishing and foresting gradually dropped to around 30%, which was the same percentage as the figure for industrial. The percentages of each technicians and sales people increased to just below 20% by the same year, while the figure for other services remained relatively stable, at between 10% and 16% over the whole 80-year period. In 2010, the proportion of farmers reached its lowest figure, at 3%. All other remaining sectors saw an upward trend, at between 20% and nearly 40%, with the exception of the figure for other services in the same period. (200 words)


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