Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 Topic : percentage participation of men in senior development in three companies – Bar Chart

Model answer 04:

The bar graph illustrates the percentage of men in senior position in three companies over a period of thirty years. Overall, there were upward trends in the proportion of males who participated in senior position in all three companies and the most significant increase can be seen in the figure of IBM. In 1980, IBM had the lowest percentage of senior posts filled by men (just 2%) whereas that of Microsoft and Apple was 8% and 15% respectively. The same situation remained constantly in five year later. However, there was a dramatic change in that percentage of IBM company over the next ten years when the figure was nearly as same as that of two other firms in 1990 and was more 60%in 2010 ,which was more double times than that of Apple and one-half times than that of Microsoft By the contrast, without the exception occurred in the year of 2010, a slighly rise in the percentage of senior male employees observed at Microsoft company with about 2% rise per five year between 1980 to 2000. The similar pattern can not applied for Apple because the percentage of these men fluctuated, nevertheless it was not over 25 % over the period shown.

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