IELTS Writing Task 2 (23th Jan in Vietnam) – Topic: Press


The advent of the Internet and other forms of media in the twenty first century has unquestionably brought about a metamorphosis in the way people seek knowledge and information. Newspapers, the one form of media which was once considered highly important, has now entered a state of significant and rapid decline in many places across the world. This has led to suggestions that newspaper will soon become a thing of the past. My way of thinking is that the death of newspapers is almost certain.

Firstly, many people are against reading newspapers because the process of making it is not environmentally sustainable. Even though newspapers today are losing their readerships, a staggering number of trees are being cut down every day to produce them. On the other hand, using digital tools to disseminate knowledge does not necessitate cutting down trees, disrupting animal lives and certainly proves to be more environmentally friendly.

Secondly, readers of newspapers are likely to receive out of date or incorrect information. The fact is that the process of making a newspaper is a long and complicated one, involving many stages such as writing, editing, printing and distribution. This means that by the time newspapers hit the shelves, there might be some changes to the events covered and it will already be too late to make any adjustments.

Nevertheless, some are skeptical about the view that newspapers will die out and their argument is that newspapers are a more reliable source of information than other types of media such as the Internet. However, the truth is that many journalists today display poor professionalism and low morality. Many do not think twice about writing incorrect information in order to increase the readership. This shows that the information in the newspapers is not any more trustworthy than on the Internet.

These points have strongly corroborated my view that the decline of newspapers is not overstated and there will be no place for newspapers in the near future.

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Useful words and expressions:
Seek knowledge
enter a state of significant and rapid decline
disseminate knowledge
corroborate the view
think twice about sth

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