Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 01

Model answer 04:

Mainstream media are those media spreaded via the largest distribution channels, which therefore represent what the majority of media consumers are likely to encounter. Information distributed through mainstream media is the main for a lot of people and according to this information, peoples’ opinion and attitude to current affairs are based. Simultaneously, whoever controls the media also has ultimate control over what is published or broadcasted and what is omitted. As a result, there is such situation when person who own current mainstream media wants to form the opinion which he needs. On the other side, nowadays, there a lot of people who seem to be a more cynical about what they read in the press or hear on the television. Nevertheless, as there are not so many independent thinkers the solution of the opinion obtrusion problem must be found.

As mentioned above, for lots of people media is the main channel of the information. Under these circumstances, a person’s opinion about a particular event depends on how the information provides in the media. At the same time, media owner’s tries to impose their opinion to customers. They can also add a certain prejudice or bias to their coverage of certain news stories depending on their own feeling about the matter. For example, if it is an opposition television channel, they will try to restate the main goal of president visit to Russian Federation. Accordingly, a public gets distorted view of what’s happening.

There is an increase of the amount of people who know that have to take what they read with a grain of salt. In other words they read knowing they may be being lied to. Consequently, manage the opinion of these people is more complicated to. Withal, you can control what is printed but you cannot control the opinion of your readers.

In my opinion the first step which must be done to solve the problem is to bring up new generation with mentality which based on truth and justice. The next thing that can be done to alter this situation is for the government to regulate the media industry so that there is no longer a monopoly on media ownership. This also means that the government has to allow and support a totally free press.

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