Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Model Answer 04 :

Nowadays, it seems that reputed sport professionals make a lot more money in respect of some other dignified occupations. The fact of whether or not sport professionals should deserve the salary has become a controversial issue to a great extend. In this essay I am going to set forth both the views and after that I will draw my conclusion.

To commence with, many individuals deem that sportsmen are paid exorbitant amount of money for what they do, while there are some other professionals who plays a significant role to serve the community but paid less. They claim that it is absolutely injustice. For instance, US marine, who risks his life to save the country, get paid a tiny salary compare to a sportsman.  There are also certain contributory occupations that serve a magnificent role to advance the mankind, such as scientist, engineer, teacher, doctor, and so on, are not paid as well as a popular sports star. They stand for these professionals, since they are contributing lot more for the welfare of the society and the nation as well.

Some people, however, contend that famous sports stars deserve high salary. A player or athlete exercises diligently to attain skills by spending enormous energy and time on the field. For instance, any celebrated sportsman has to go through many years of schooling to acquire the competence and physical fitness required. Moreover, career lifespan is significantly shorter than any other profession. It is quite normal that a successful player spent his whole life in the teens to become a successful player and then retire unfortunately in the 30s as a consequence of injury or lack or physical fitness. However, an eminent player can build a strong brand image that contribute to the product selling to a great extend. That is why, Coca-Cola Company frequently uses sports star as a model for its advertising. Accordingly, successful sports professional’s income is valid in terms of justice.

To put in a nutshell, I contend that a reputed sports star proves himself that he is worthy of getting a handsome amount of salary. So, there is nothing wrong with it if he deserves such amount, I think.

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