Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Model Answer 05 :

Sportsperson are popular and are paid in millions by sports club and consumer goods companies, for example, cricketers in India and football and basketball players in America. Whether, it is justifiable compare to the other professionals’ salary is debatable. I strongly believe that it is fair and their hard work and popularity are enough to justify it.

To reach that stage requires tremendous practice and sacrifice. Success does not come overnight, to achieve a position in the top slot of a sports club requires hours and hours of daily practice, perhaps, their struggle does not end there, to maintain that position and to shoulder the expectation of fans requires regular improvisation of skills. For all this they have to sacrifice their family and social life. Moreover, they are constantly scrutinized by the team selectors, media and public. Thus personally, I feel no profession involves this much of stress and tension.

Undoubtedly, players are popular and are looked upon as a role model by millions of people. This popularity is exploited by the big firms to promote their products and in turn they pay them in millions. Also, we all are well aware about the viewership of the famous sports event, due to which sports club and sports channels earns a lot, hence, they are oblige to pay their players, so that they show better performance to the audience. Finally, they generally do not have any education qualification to make their living after retirement from their short career.

In conclusion, I whole heartedly respect their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice for the game. And believe that they are earning, what they deserve.

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