Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Model Answer 09 :

Nowadays, sports professionals are obtaining more attention among people from all over the world. Media is one of the main reasons that make a person to get fame in no time. So the sports persons are being treated like celebrities worldwide. To give a piece of one’s mind, talented sports persons should be compensated with more pay.

To be at logger heads, some might feel this suggestion is unfair. It is a fact that, not all the sports stars are talented than the people who works in other esteemed professions such as doctors, scientists and politicians. They play an important role in the growth of their nation. Whereas sports persons play for themselves by using their country’s name only as a label, sometimes they bring success and fame for the whole nation. Because of media, people give keen attention to sports celebrities and treat other professions scornfully.

In an honour bound, those who have mere talents must be paid with huge amount of money. It is indeed that not all sports persons are successful in their careers. People who have audacity and hard working nature are the one who relish with victory. Even though they play for their personal goal, achievements they make in sports also make the nation very proud. Considering this reason, it is fully justified to let a sports person to earn great deal of money.

To conclude, the sports professionals with suffice tendency to accomplish something in their career are justified to acquire huge earnings. It clearly depicts that, sports professions has more value than other essential professions around the world.

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[ Answer by Yazhini Venugopal ]


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