Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 02

Model Answer 10 :

Nowadays, famous athletes earn huge amount of money while even great scientists’ income can hardly reach to one tenth of them. The public have been sharply polarized by this issue; hence, few people can be found on the middle position. But what do each group state?

Advocates of talented sportsmen claim they are unique in their field. They can absorb the attention of hundreds of millions to TV screens as a consequence of their brilliant performance. Therefore, either managers of matches or team owners can advertise on prime time or on their jerseys and make fortunes. In economic terms, supply and demand dictates commodities prices in the market. If a strong demand and a severe shortage exist for these heroes, why should they undervalue themselves? After all, this is how capitalism works.

On the opposite front, a vast crowd feels this reality is an injustice. They argue that those who are high achievers in other fields are unique, too. Furthermore, they compare the net income of some gifted scholars with mediocre football players and the outcome is awful in their viewpoint. Surely, all scientists don’t earn the same, but even Noble laureates earn less than sport celebrities. For instance, one of my genius colleagues complains non-stop, comparing his salary with a renowned superstar, Ronaldo. Although he has a good wage in comparison with our coworkers, he needs to save all his earnings to reach to Ronaldo’s weekly income level.

All in all, I think both parties have some elements of truth in their remarks. Nonetheless, the reality, however harsh it is, will not vary unless the economic system evolves. Capitalism is not a matter of morality. To make it ethical, in my point of view, a tax code with no loopholes should be in place which has higher rates for those with multimillion monthly packages to compensate this bitter situation and dedicate this money to well-being of humanity.

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[ Answer by Ali Kazemian ]


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