Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 04

Model answer 04:

Some people believe that games which children play with are the principal reason for high amount of crime and violence. In my opinion, although these games involved with much violence scenes could influence children behavior, it could not be the main reason of increasing crime and wildness in the world.

These days, children’s entertainment choices cover a various range including computer games, TV programs, surfing internet and more which may affect children’s behavior and actions. For example, some games have interesting characters doing violent action which would encourage young children to make the characters as a pattern for following.

However, I think this is much to say this is children’s games the cause of increasing crime in the world. A good example is that looking at the earlier years of mankind show that in that period of the time, children’s entertainment included real killing and fighting, in contrast, most children’s fights, nowadays, are limited to virtual games. As a result, it is not the games making the world violence and it could not be the children’s games causing the increase of the crime. Besides, there is not any evidence to prove that how games would affect children.

There are many other reasons resulting in the increase in wildness and crime especially in bigger cities such as the growing unemployment rate, poverty, the increasing number of drug users and so on.

All in all, in my idea, the increasing of wildness and crime is not related to children’s games and there are other root reasons which have to be investigated.

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