Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 04

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 04

Model Answer 05 :

Violent behavior in children and the rise of crime is often attributed to more violent games. In particular, violent computer games are frequently blamed for such behavior. In general, games are a safe way for children to explore concepts, such as violence, and they should be allowed to do so. There are more grave influences that should be the focus of crime prevention.

Playing helps children to learn about boundaries in the real world. Violence is part of reality and children need a way to understand it. Some concepts, such as violence, can safely and in a socially acceptable way explored in games but not in reality. Even very young children can tell a games from reality and understand that different rules apply when playing.

Nevertheless, I believe games should be age-adequate and extremely violent games and movies should not be made available to children and teenagers. Some games, like ‘ego-shooters’ are all about killing an enemy. While playing them may serve as a relief of aggression less mental stable players may loose sight of reality spending too much time with them. In this case playing might for violence it might shift the boundaries for violence instead of teaching the players about what is acceptable.

Lastly, research shows that a child’s direct surroundings, in particular schools and families, influence its violent behavior strongly. If a child makes violent experiences, like being bullied or domestic violence in the family, it is more likely to turn violent itself. Obviously, such experiences make bad role models and teach children that violence is an acceptable way to deal with conflicts. Additionally, frustration about one’s personal situation and perspectives add to the chance of somebody turning violent.

For these reasons, I think violent but age-adequate games are not a reason for violence. Instead every effort must be made to shield children from violent experience in their real life. Children and teenager must make their own experiences and games allow them to do in a safe way.

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