Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 04

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 04

Model Answer 06 :

Now a days almost all cities in the world are experiencing more violence and crimes than ever before. Based on the research, it has been shown that there are different reasons behind this. However violent games played in childhood are just one causative factor out of many. Therefore,I rather disagree with the fact highlighted for the increased crime rates in the world.

Increasing trend in crimes and violence is due to a number of reasons and further these may change depending on the part of the world. For instance children in the western world are exposed to alcohol and substances than the Asian countries. Unemployment and poverty are considered to be major causative factors leading to high crime rates. In addition, personality disorders also relate to the increased violence among teenagers. Therefore, these are considered top in the list as opposed to violent games played in childhood.

However, when children are exposed to such games in early in the life, they tend to be sensitized to violence and try to imitate their heroes in the games. The ways in which the crimes being portrayed in such games will allow the children to get to know the different methods to commit crimes. In this way they motivate themselves to engage in crimes. Nevertheless, its contribution is less significant in comparison to other factors.

In conclusion, every city has to concentrate on other aspects in preventing crimes instead of attributing to the games. They have to address overpopulation, unemployment and poverty in greater detail in preventing high crime rates and violence.

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