Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 05 – topic : the birth rate in most developed countries

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 05


Model Answer 02 :

The predictions show that the birth rate in industrial nations will decline over the next half of the century. Estimations have reported that over 30% of technologically advanced societies will get 65 years old and over by 2030. This alarming trend leads to decreasing population, tax incomes and active labor.

Falling birth rate yields a plethora of hurdles. At first, the low rate of pregnancy among women results in declining the population of the country. Furthermore, this hitch causes the reduction of taxable incomes, so the government must spend a huge amount of budget for medical care and social services in order to support old people. Finally, the third obstacle of this condition is the plunge of active work force.

On the other hand, economic experts have suggested a host of solutions for this upheaval. The first effective solution is fortifying incentive policies for rising fertility rate among young couples. As a prime example, the government can pay a subsidy for any newborn kids. In addition, the second technique of problem solving that can reform this dilemma is expediting immigration of young skilled workers and experienced engineers from less developed countries. Nowadays, a wide spectrum of states implements this policy. As an outstanding instance, Australia has facilitated the entrance of migrants. Thus the government publishes a list of required labor in certain fields based on specific criteria annually.

In conclusion, the drop of birth rate escalates an amounting number of challenges such as shortage of labor forces, the peak of old age group and the exacerbate of social services and health-cares. These disastrous crises can be modified by executing beneficial methods like financial support of couples for raise of fertility and accelerating of immigration processes.

[by Mostafa Hossein]

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