Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 06

Sample answer 12:

In the past,father was used to go out and earn money to support the family whereas mother usually stayed at home and taking care of the children.Now-a-days,it is the norm for both of them to work because that’s how they can facilitate their children with all the facilities such as,video games,expensive mobiles,foreign holidays and many more luxuries.On the other hand,some people argue that in the absence of the parents,especially mother,they might feel alone hence they deserve their parent’s attention and support than anything else.Moreover,children need help in their homework and exam revision.Besides,it is more important to understand the needs for the children in terms of emotional affection,and it could be only possible if parents give time to their children rather providing with them all the facilities.
Furthermore,females used to be less educated in the past hence they never concentrate on working after marriage and always kept themselves busy with the children and domestic chores,but today,every single female wants to work and focus on her career to achieve certain goals.However,it does not mean it negatively affects their children.Infact,working parents can be more well-mannered,organised and disciplined that’s how they can better provide upbringing to their children.
In conclusion,although it has become a trend for both the parents to work these days,but resultantly,time issues and negligence somehow can not be ignored.

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