Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 06

Sample answer 13:

Nowadays, the increasing number of double income families is significantly. The number of parents with jobs is many more than it was a few decades ago. Do we really need doubled income to support our family, while left our children all alone. In this essay, I intend to give both advantages and disadvantages on both side and, moreover, my own position on this issue.


Firstly, what can children benefit from those additional income? As we all know, a proper education is vital to our next generation because it is the key to a better life. With this extra income, children will be able to access an higher quality education, such as a private school or course for skills in music, arts or sports. Secondly, the basic living stander will be risen higher. This money not only benefit to the children but also benefit all of its family members in a better food, housing condition and advanced health medicare.


In the contract, parents might higher the stander of living and education quality for their kids, but it is possible to have some negative effects because of the absence of both parents during their childhood. It is clear if both parents have jobs, then their children will have more time alone. This situation often lead those kinds into a crime committer because of bad friends.


By way of conclusion, as can be seem above, there are many pros and corns toward this issue. This trade, however, seems very hard to be reversed so parents should pay more attention to their children while they keep their career at the same time.         

(268 words – written by Marcus Liu)


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