Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 13


It is true that the problems of obesity children in advance countries have grown rapidly in the past recent years. A group of people believe that it is due to the increasing number of fast food restaurants in the areas, while another group thinks that it is due to the parents’ mistakes, as they have given fewer attentions to the children these days. Although the growing numbers of fast food outlets do affect the problem, but I also agree that the lack attentions of the parents also give significant impact on the obesity cases.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that the significant growths of fast food outlets have truly affected the case of overweight problem in children. In most public places such as in theme parks or shopping malls, fast food outlets restaurant definitely exist, and they offer various kinds of things which attract the children. For instance, Mc Donald regularly gives additional bonus such as toys for the children’s meal package. As more and more children are attracted to visit the fast food outlets, the existence of the outlets have grown rapidly nowadays and they have outnumbered the healthy ones. As a consequence of the increasing trend, the children have more option of outlets that they can select, and the probabilities of the children in consuming the foods are getting higher.

On the other hand, I do believe that parents are also responsible for the problem as well. In the modern days, the roles of wives have changed, as most of them have become career women these days. Since they are focused with their careers, they have less time in doing the household activities, which include preparing meals for their children. Instead of cooking healthy foods, they prefer to give meal allowance to their children, which is more practical and efficient. As a result, many of the children purchased their meal in fast food restaurants, and they have become overweight.

In conclusion, although the increasing populations of fast food restaurants have given some contribution to the problem of overweight children, I do believe that the lack attentions of parents also play a significant role as well.

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