Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic (In December, 2015) & Band 9.0 Model Essay

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic (In December, 2015) & Band 9.0 Model Essay

IELTS Writing Actual Test in December, 2015 & Band 9 Argumentative Essay

People should follow the customs and traditions when people start to live in a new country. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Band 9.0 Sample

Many people argue that foreigners should adapt to the local customs and traditions when they come to reside in a new country. I completely agree with this view. Newcomers will certainly face difficulties if they do not conform to the norms of social behaviour in the host country. Firstly, it will become almost impossible for them to blend into their new environment. For example, an entrepreneur who comes to live in a new country and starts up a business must be aware of the business practices of that country. There are bound to be many pitfalls, not only legal ones but also simply in terms of winning and keeping customers. Secondly, recent immigrants might fall foul of the law if they do not respect the behaviour and customs of locals. In Singapore, for instance, residents will consider newcomers dirty and ill-mannered if they litter the street or spit gum in public places.

There are also many benefits for foreigners when they do adopt the customs and traditions of their new country of residence. One advantage is that local people will be more welcoming when they feel that the newcomers are showing respect for the local way of life. The establishment of closer links with the host community might lead to greater integration and mutual understanding. Another benefit is the richness of the experience which newcomers will gain from enjoying aspects of local customs and traditions, enabling them to participate in community life and avoid social isolation. During festivals and national holidays, especially, they will feel like they ‘belong’ in their new country.

In conclusion, I would argue that it is essential for new residents to follow the traditions and habits of locals in the host community in order to integrate fully into society.

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Use Words/Phrases :

the norm of social behaviour: standards of behaviour that are typical of and accepted within society.

Ex: The norm of social behaviour in Muslim coutries includes not drinking alcohol in public places

hot country: a country which receives visitor or new residents

Ex: Refugees who escape from war zones often face difficulties in a new host country.

pitfalls : a hidden danger or difficulty, which it is not easy or possible to see at first.

Ex: When you buy a car, go with a mechanic to avoid any pitfalls which will cause problems later.

fall foul of the law : to get into trouble with the police because you are doing something illegal.

Ex: In most countries, if you drink and drive, you will fall foul of the law.

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