Cambridge IELTS Series (1 – 14) for Academic and General Training Modules

cambridge ielts series 1 - 14
cambridge ielts series 1 - 14

Cambridge Practice Tests For IELTS Series (1 – 14) Self-Study Student’s Book With Audio 

Key features

  • Cambridge IELTS series contain about 80 authentic IELTS tests as a source of exam practice for IELTS learners who sit IELTS tests (both Academic and General Training modules). 
  • Contains a useful introduction of the IELTS format and its scoring, ensuring that students and teachers have a thorough understanding of what is involved in the exam.
  • Includes listening and reading answer keys, model answers for IELTS speaking and writing with IELTS examiner comments, making it suitable for IELTS learners studying partly or entirely on their own.



By Kyki

This book is a valuable source for those who wants to familiarize themselves with the IELTS real exams. I did all tests in Cambridge 13 and 14 and I passed my IELTS with an overall of 8 out of 9. I would highly recommend Cambridge IELTS series for all IELTS students!

By Tamar

This resource is suitable for me to study on my own, The books and CD-Rom have a great number of practical exercises which help me familiarize with all the four skills.

By Shyn Hye

I needed some IELTS books for studying at home, so I searched high and low and found out Cambridge IELTS is the best and most authentic source of exam practice.  

By Tan Vu

The practice tests helped me out a lot, since the actual exam follows the exact same pattern as those given in the book. It gave me confidence for appearing for the test.

By Pablo

The perfect guide for IELTS students to IELTS success! I would advise to work on the whole Cambridge IELTS series 1 – 14 to be well prepared for the IELTS exams!



Download Cambridge IELTS 1 – 14

Cambridge IELTS 01 Cam 1

Cambridge IELTS 02 Cam 2

Cambridge IELTS 03 Cam 3

Cambridge IELTS 04 Cam 4

Cambridge IELTS 05 Cam 5

Cambridge IELTS 06 Cam 6

Cambridge IELTS 07 Cam 7

Cambridge IELTS 08 Cam 8

Cambridge IELTS 09 Cam 9

Cambridge IELTS 10 Cam 10

Cambridge IELTS 11 (Academic Module) Cam 11

Cambridge IELTS 11 (General Training Module)

Cambridge IELTS 12 Academic Cam 12

Cambridge IELTS 12 (General Training Module)

Cambridge IELTS 13 Cam 13

Cambridge IELTS 13 (General Training Module)

Cambridge IELTS 14 (Academic Module)

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