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ieltsmaterial.com-how to get a high score in ielts in one month

How to Get a High Score in IELTS in One Month?


Today, some people on Quora.com asked me How to get a high score (Band 7.5+) in IELTS in ONE MONTH? My answer is “The…

IELTSMaterial.com - IELTS Writing Task 1 - Describe graph

Useful tips and vocabulary to describe a graph or chart in IELTS Writing Task 1


Useful tips and vocabulary to describe a graph or chart in IELTS Writing Task 1 1. How to write the introduction One sentence is…

ieltsmaterial.com - Top Tips and Hints to Get Band 8

Top Tips and Hints to Get Band 8.0 for IELTS Speaking


Our team put together essential IELTS Speaking tips, hints and golden rules to help you perform at your best for the IELTS Speaking section. You’re…

Ieltsmaterial.com - ielts answer sheet

IELTS Answer Sheet for Writing, Listening and Reading


As far as you know, IELTS has 4 modules or sections, including Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. To familiarise yourself with the answer sheets used…

570 academic word list for IELTS

570 High-incidence and High-utility Academic Words for IELTS


The Academic Word List compiled by Coxhead, contains 570 word families which are the most commonly used over a very wide range of academic texts. …

6 secrets to writing a great essay - [ieltsmaterial.com]

6 secrets to have a great writing essay


Why does the word “essay” strike terror into the hearts of students? Maybe because a blank page can seem like the size of Antarctica…

Prediction for IELTS Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 (Jan – April, 2016)


To be well-prepared for IELTS exam, you can download the prediction for IELTS Speaking Part 2 from January to April, 2016. Here is a…



The useful phrases below will help with your IELTS speaking Part 3. For this part, it’s highly likely that you have to answer some…

How to write abbrebriation vocabulary

How to write abbreviation vocabulary


A B C ‘a&f always and forever bi bye c see a’rt alright b’d8 birthday ‘c/t can’t talk a/l age and location bc because…


IELTS academic high-frequency vocabulary


abandon 8 assess 1 comment 3 abstract 6 assign 6 commission 2 academy 5 assist 2 commit 4 access 4 assume 1 commodity 8…