How to Answer IELTS Speaking test Part 1? & band 8 sample answers to answer ielts speaking part 1 to get band 8 to answer ielts speaking part 1 to get band 8 speaking part 1 speaking part 1 questions

Explanation: The one thing that you must not do in answering a question is to give a one word answer. So the above answers avoid the first potential way to lose marks.

The answers are also 15 second long, which is long enough to answer the question in detail and at the same time short enough to stay within the recommended 1 minute for each topic. This then allows the examiner to ask all the 3 topic questions, and so gives the candidate the opportunity to get more marks.

If you plan to answer three 5 second sentences for each question in part 1 you will have enough time to answer all the questions. To recap:

A timing strategy for answering part 1 topic questions: speaking part 1 questions and tips

Review of Part 1 of the Speaking test speaking how to answer part 1 in ielts speaking


42 Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1 in 2016 and Suggested Answers

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