IELTS Cue Card Sample 41 – Topic: Describe a polluted place

ielts cue card 41
ielts cue card 41

IELTS Cue Card for IELTS Speaking Part 2:

Describe a polluted place/Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:
• What the place is
• What type of pollution it is/ are
• Cause and effect of pollution

and explain how can this pollution be controlled.


It is regrettable that ABC, where I‟m living, is negatively affected by pollution and the major environmental problems it is facing are water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution.

There are various reasons why this city is badly polluted. Firstly, due to modernization, more and more vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are used. This leads to an increase in exhaust emissions which contaminate the atmosphere, not to mention the rising level of noise pollution. Secondly, factories and industrial zones in the city have discharged a huge amount of untreated waste into rivers, causing death to many fish and other aquatic animals.

In fact, pollution makes people here less healthy, and some even suffer from life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, skin cancer, and so on. Therefore, the government must deal with this problem right away. Cutting down on vehicle use is the best way to reduce air pollution and noise pollution. We can do this by encouraging people to use public transportation. Besides, those who litter should pay a heavy fine. Finally, I think the best solution is to raise awareness and educate people to protect the environment.

regrettable: [adjective] something that you are sorry about and wish that it had not happened. Example: It is regrettable that only a minority of people are concerned about the environment.
exhaust emissions: [noun phrase] waste gases that come out of a car or other vehicle. Example: The exhaust emissions from big trucks cause serious air pollution in my city.
contaminate: [verb] make a place or thing dirty, by adding a substance that is dangerous or polluting. Example: Every day, more and more vehicles enter the city centre and contaminate the atmosphere with their exhaust emissions.
discharge: [verb] when somebody discharges a gas or liquid, they release it and it goes into the water or the air. Example: The factory was fined for discharging chemicals into the river.
aquatic: [adjective] living in water Example: Rivers which are clean have a lot of aquatic life, such as fish and frogs.
life-threatening: [adjective] likely to kill someone. Example: Aid workers in poor countries often have to deal with difficult, lifethreatening situations.
cutting down on: [phrasal verb] reducing the size, amount or number of something. Example: You will improve your health by cutting down on cigarettes.
awareness: [noun] knowing that something exists and is important. Example: In schools, campaigns about awareness of road safety are essential for young children.

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