IELTS Reading Practice Test 01 with Solution

IELTS Reading Practice Test 1

Questions 16-19

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in Boxes 16-19 on your answer sheet

  1. According to the author, one thing we long for is …

A. the safety of the home

B. security

C. open access

D. positive virtues

  1. Access to many buildings …

A. is unauthorised

B. is becoming more difficult

C. is a cause of crime in many urban arcus

D. used to be called “Reception”

  1. Buildings used to permit access to any users, …

A. but now they do not

B. and still do now

C. especially offices and schools

D. especially in urban areas

  1. Secure zones …

A. don’t allow access to the user

B. compartmentalise the user

C. are often like traps

D. are not accessible to everybody

Questions 20-27

Complete the text below, which Is a summary of paragraphs 4-6. Choose your answers from the Word List below and write them in Boxes 20-27 on your answer sheet.

There are more words and phrases than spaces, so you will not be able to use them all. You may use any word or phrase more than once.

Example: The problem of__________ access to buildings … .

Answer: physical.

The problem of physical access to buildings has now been _____________ 20____ by technology.

Messages are sent betwoon_______ 21____ , with passwords not allowing_______ 22_ to read

someone else’s messages. But,, while Individuals are becoming increasingly_____________ 23

socially by the way they do their job, at the same time more value is being put on

___ 24____ , However, e-mail and voice-mail have led to a___________ 25 opportunities for

person-to-person communication. And the fact that job-security is generally not available

nowadays is hidden by the very concept of____________ 26____ . Human resources arc now

regarded in______ 27____ physical ones.

Questions 28*30

Complete the sentences below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in Boxes 28-30 on your answer sheet.

  1. The writer does not like…………. _……………….. .
  2. An Individual’s Home Page indicates their___________________ on the Internet.
  3. Devices like mobile phones mean that location is_____________________ .

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