IELTS Reading Practice Test 01 with Solution

IELTS Reading Practice Test 01 with Solution

IELTS Reading Practice Test 1

Questions 31-36

Choose one phrase (A-K) from the List of phrases to complete each Key point below. Write the appropriate letters (A-K) In Boxes 31-36 on your answer sheet.

The information In the completed sentences should be an accurate summary of the points made by the writer.

NB. There are more phrases (A-K) than sentences, so you will not need to use them all. You may use each phrase once only.

Key point

  1. The native foods of a country, …
  2. The ethnocentric properties of food …
  3. Celebrating birthdays …
  4. Cultural practice …
  5. Drinking in pubs in Britain …
  6. The link between language and cuisine

List of Phrases

A. Is a behavioural practice, not a cultural practice

B. are unique

C. varies

D. is that both are diverse

E. is a reflection of the social fabric

F. is a cultural practice

G. can be changed by economic and distribution factors

H. is fundamental

I. are not as common as behaviour

J. needs to be reinforccd by behaviour

K. are, to a certain extent, dictated by agriculture

Questions 37-40

Use the information in the text to match the Authors (A-D) with the Findings (37-40) below. Write the appropriate letters (A-D) in Boxes 37-40 on your answer sheet.


A Finkclsleln
B Pierce
C Mcmicll
D Riley


  1. There is a difference between behaviour and cultural practice.
  2. The connection between social culture and food must be strong if national cuisine is to survive intact.
  3. Distribution of power in society is reflected In food.
  4. The link between culture and eating outside the home is not strong.


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