IELTS Speaking Actual Test in Saudi Arabia – April 2017 with Suggested Answers

IELTS Speaking Actual Test in Saudi Arabia – April 2017 with Suggested Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1

What is your full name?
Can I see your ID?
Where are you from?
Do you work or study?

What do you do with your friends on weekends ?

We’ll hang out for a chit-chat and go to eat some scrumptious food. After that, we’ll huddle together to play cards.  It’s a precious time for us when we can momentarily get away from the hectic whirlwind of daily activities.


Hang out (verb)  to spend a lot of time with someone

Chit chat (noun) friendly conversation about things that are not very important

Scrumptious (adj) delicious

Hectic whirlwind (expression) a busy schedule

Huddle together (phrase) gather together

Do you like to make new friends ?

Honestly, I am a kind of person who is very reserved and quiet, so I prefer meeting my acquaintances rather than try to make new friends. I don’t like meeting new people since I have to start all the things to get to know them and cultivate new relationships, which takes a lot time and efforts.

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Get to know (phrase) to spend time with someone or something so that you gradually learn more about him, her, or it

Do you often invite friends to visit your home ?

I do but only when we have known each other well for quite a long time. As most of my friends also enjoy staying inside like me, normally I just invite one friend then we buy some snacks home and exchange some chitchat for hours. I sometimes invite 3 to 4 friends so we can have a girl-night-in with movies or a small pyjama party.


Chitchat (noun) gossip, casual conversation

pyjama party (n) a social occasion when a group of friends, usually children or young people, stay for the night at one person’s house

girl-night-in (n) an evening spent outside of the home by a group of women

Do you remember your dream when you wake up ?

Well, honestly, I completely forget most dreams I have been through. However, sometimes I had vivid dreams which regularly haunted me. Every now and then, I had really pleasant and meaningful dreams which I could remember well after awakening and I love to take a trip down memory lane for a while.


To be through (phrase)  To have finished something

Vivid dream (phrase) any dream or nightmare which one remembers after awakening

Every now and then (idiom) sometimes

Take a trip down memory lane (idiom) to reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones.

Do you like to hear dreams of others ? Why ?

By all means. I suppose that dreams represent their current psychological stress or struggles that they express themselves in an environment considered safe.  Therefore, when I listen to them speaking about their dreams, I can get an insight into their body, mind and spirit.


By all means (phrase) Of course, certainly

Psychological stress (phrase) under mental, physical, or emotional pressure

Get/gain an insight into (phrase) have the clear understanding of something

Do you like to learn about dreams ?

To me, dreams always beg a question. I often wonder why we dreams, how dreams occur in our life and how they can predict what will happen in the future. Therefore, I would like to look into them more carefully to figure out the mysteries lying beneath my dreams.

Beg a question (phrase) if a statement or situation begs the question, it causes you to ask a particular question

look into (phrasal verb) to examine the facts about a problem or situation

Figure out (phrasal verb) to discover

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an interesting song. You should say :

– what kind of song it is
– how you found out about it
– what it is about
– explain why it is interesting to you

Unlike my friends, I have a passionate interest in folk music because every song is a intriguing story told by music. To me, “The Marvelous Toy of Peter” played by Paul and Marry band is one of the most riveting songs that I’ve ever listened to.

Peter, Paul and Mary is an American folk group formed in 1961. Actually, “The Marvelous Toy” is not the hit of this band. However, for me, its lyrics are very innocent that brings me back to my childhood, a beautiful period in my life. The story begins when a little boy received a toy, which became his “heart’s delight”. The sound from the toy made him curious. When it moved, it went “zip”. When it stopped, its sound was “bop” while “whirr” was the sound when it stood still. He was excited about exploring that toy.

Peter, Paul and Marry performed that song in a very funny way. They made the sound “zip, bop, and whirr” by their mouths so the song was very lively and brought a very relaxing feelings for audiences.


Have a passionate interest in  (phrase) showing or expressing strong beliefs, interest, or enthusiasm

Riveting (adj) interesting, intriguing

To bring SO back to my childhood (v) to remind SO of their childhood memories

Stand still (phrase)

To be excited about Sth (v) to be interested in Sth, to be into Sth

Lively (adj) full of energy and enthusiasm

IELTS Speaking Part 3

What kind of music is popular in your country ?

Beside pop music, the young generation nowadays expose to a number of different types of music. It is indeed difficult to tell which is the most in demand, since from my point of view each type has roughly the same popularity. But I guess pop music is the most sought-after now. At least I’ve never met someone who completely doesn’t know a single pop song.


Sought-after (adj) in demand

What do old people like to listen to ?

I think elderly people love to listen to classical music. The lyrics of those songs are deeply emotional that is hard for young generations to understand completely. Other than that, the rhythm is pretty slow. Listening to those songs will recall their memories about a period of time when they were young.


To recall (v) to remember Sth happened in the past, usually memories

Do you play any musical instruments ?

Actually, I am not a big fan of instruments. I did learn to play the piano for a couple of months when I was little, but I ended up quitting. I think this whole hobby thing requires music talent, which I definitely don’t have.

End up doing something (phrase) if you end up doing something or end up in a particular state, you do that thing or get into that state even though you did not originally intend to.

What might be the best age to start learning to play a musical instrument ?

I’d say, as early as possible, because learning a musical instrument requires a lot of practice. When one is young, his/her fingers are often very agile. And they are quick to learn. But when they grow older, their fingers become stiffer and they probably don’t have enough time because of their hectic study or work schedule.

Agile (a) able to move quickly and easily

Hectic (a) full of busy activity

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