IELTS Speaking Evaluation Service

What skill do you find most troublesome to improve and achieve higher band score? What skill make you feel uncertain and least comfortable when taking IELTS? Is there any time that you wish to have a partner to practice speaking English with and receive feedbacks from?

IELTS Speaking Evaluation is here to address your headache.

It comes as no surprise that Speaking Module has rarely been IELTS learners’ most favorable skill due to its stressful time constraint, native-like pressure (which examinees voluntarily suffer themselves) or just simply because it IS a test. Nevertheless, all your worries and assumptions about how to conquer IELTS Speaking Test with the least spending has now been solved with our Speaking Evaluation Service. Do not make mistakes. It requires little expense but no less effort since we all know there is no shortcut to victory.

You ever wondered why after applying all the techniques and practicing speaking on a regular basis you are still unable to make any noticeable progress? You use complex sentences and advanced vocabulary all the time but incorrectly? You speak with hesitation and unclear pronunciation?

Speaking Evaluation Service is our newly added feature on where we are dedicated to provide IELTS learners with an interactive evaluation platform to better prepare for IELTS exams. Here, we will help you tackle your speaking issues by:

  • Pointing out errors you make during your speech: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, fluency
  • Identifying error patterns if any to make sure you will not make the same mistakes again
  • Marking your records and explaining thoroughly why you are awarded with a specific band score
  • Providing alternative ideas and suggestions if needed

If you are about to take an IELTS exam, Speaking Evaluation Service will be a handy tool that equips you with hands-on and applicable advice to quickly boost your band score. If you are not, Speaking Evaluation will be just as serviceable because it will let you know your current level and set a more realistic goal to achieve.

Speaking Evaluation Service Registration

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Want to invest with the most profitable return? Invest in yourself. Register for Speaking Evaluation Service now for better performance in IELTS Speaking, particularly and English in general.


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