IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Singapore – March 2017 & Sample Answers

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Test in Singapore – March 2017 & Sample Answers

Speaking Part 1

1.What is your full name?

2.Can I see your ID?

3.Where are you from?

4.Do you work or study?

5.Do you live in a house or an apartment?

For the past 21 years I have lived in a house with my family. And I think if I can move out and start making a living on my own, I would try my best to have an independent place where I can plan and design a house layout to suit myself since sharing a room or a flat with strangers sounds so troublesome to me.


To afford (v) to be able to financially support/have enough money to pay for Sth

Suit myself (v) to do exactly what you like/want

Troublesome (adj) causing difficulty or annoyance

To make a living (v) to earn enough to support one’s self

6. Can you describe the place where you live?

Briefly, my humble house locates in a small and quite street, so coming home to me is like all the craziness happened outside is left behind. Just beside my house stands a big old tree. I have my own room with walls painted violet, which is kinda a peaceful color. Since I spend most of my time staying at home, my room means the whole world to me. It’s like a friend who is always there to share ups and downs with me. So yeah, I would always miss my house, my room whenever I’m away.

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Humble (adj) having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance

To help (SO) do Sth (v) to make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources.

To share ups and downs (v) together being through good and bad times

To be away (adj) to or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing

7. What can you see from your window?

From my room, every time I open the window, I can catch sight of the beautiful old banyan tree casting a long shadow on the ground where children in my town spend their spare time playing badminton with each other.  I usually open the window to see them and enjoy the wind and sunshine.

Catch sight of (phrase) see something

Spend time doing something (phrase) 

8. What is your favourite colour?

Since my taste always changes, my favorite color at the moment is black. Although I have just bought some black items recently, black surprisingly suits me. It feels like I become more mature and more mysterious when wearing a black dress. And because it’s one of the basic colors, it’s easy to mix and match with other items of different colors and styles.


taste (n) a preference or liking for something; inclination

To mix and match (v) select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set

9. What is the most popular colour among your friends? Why is that?

To be honest, it’s hard to tell, as it totally depends on their taste. But I guess it’s black because it is simple, yet classy. You know, most of them usually dress themselves up in black in both informal or formal events.

Dress up (phrase) to put on clothes that are more formal than the clothes you usually wear

Cue Card

Talk about a movie that you watched recently. Please say:

  • What was the movie?
  • When and where did you watch it?
  • Did you like it? Why?

Band 9.0 Sample Answers 

IELTS Speaking Part 3

What films are popular with teenagers and the adults?

It’s undeniable that different generations prefer different kinds of movies. Children, for example, are usually fond of cartoons or funny movies such as Frozen or Tangled. Adults, on the other hand, tend to watch various types of movies such as action films, romantic films, documentaries or romantic films depending on their tastes.


To be fond of (adj) to be interested in

Why do some people love watching black and white movies?

The past few years have seen an unprecedented resurgence in black-and-white movies from horror to science fiction, drama to romance because a great number of people simply like black and white colors and don’t want to overload themselves with other colorful things when watching the films. Black-and-white films also allow their imagination to color in the pictures. They permit the viewers to be the color advisors, no matter how random or fanciful the choices may be.

Unprecedented (adj) never having happened or existed in the past

Resurgence (noun) rising or tending to rise again

Overload (verb) overburden, to give someone more work or problems than they can deal with

In the future, do you think computer generated movies will be still popular?

From my perspective, Computer generated imagery (CGI) in films is still sought-after in the future because it can be beautiful and is a huge advancement in cinema when used correctly. In fact, a lot of blockbuster movies using CGI has gained a great success like Big Hero 6. However, some filmmakers overuse it and pay more focus on it than film’s characters and plots.

Computer generated imagery (phrase) the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in video games, films, etc

Sought-after (adj) popular

Blockbuster (noun) film/book that is very successful

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