IELTS Speaking Test in Saudi Arabia in 2018

ielts speaking test in 2018
ielts speaking test in 2018

Part 1

What’s your name?

Do you work or study?



Do you like travelling by boat?

Do you want to own a boat?



Does it rain a lot in your hometown?

Do you like rainy days?

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Part 2

Describe an ideal house that you would like to live in

You should say:

  • where it would be
  • what type of house it would be
  • how you would decorate it
  • who you would like to live with
  • explain why you would like to live in this kind of home.


Today I am going to share with you a description of my ideal apartment that I would like to live in. Since I live in a big city, it is probably more convenient to buy a condo in a building complex.

I prefer a cozy place, so, I would expect it to be not too big, about 90 to 100 square meters, with 2 bedrooms and 2 balconies. In my opinion, this size is perfect for a small family of parents and one child. When it comes to cleaning the house, you would not feel discouraged by all the chores you have to do.

It would be great if my apartment overlooked a river or bridge, and it should be located on a high floor like the 10th or above. As a person who loves color and nature, I would decorate my house with a lot of paintings and plants. I would make a hanging garden in one of my balconies and put small chairs and tables out, so that I could sit there and enjoy my small garden. I would use yellow -tinted bulbs and lamps all over the apartment to make it cozier.

If I got the chance, I would love to make my dream apartment become a reality as soon as possible, because I have always wanted to move out of my parents‟ house. Owning an apartment would allow me to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

 condo: [noun] one apartment that you own in a building with other apartments. However, the shared areas are owned by everyone. Example: The owners of the condos share the swimming pool and children‟s play areas that are part of the apartment complex.
 building complex: [noun] a group of similar buildings of one type in the same place. Example: The buildings in the sports complex included a gymnasium and a basketball court.
 cozy: [adjective] small, but warm, comfortable and safe. Example: Although it was cold outside, his small apartment was cozy and so we stayed overnight.
 balcony: [noun] something that is built on the outside wall of a building, like a small platform with a wall or rail around it for safety. Example: We had drinks on the hotel balcony, enjoying the view of the sea.
 discouraged: [adjective] feeling less enthusiastic about something. Example: when I looked at all the homework that I had to finish, I felt quite
discouraged. However, I decided to start doing it immediately.
 chores: [noun] routine tasks. Example: I have to do some chores every day, such as cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes.
 overlook: [verb] if an apartment overlooks a place, this means that you can see that place from the window or balcony of the apartment. Example: We had lunch in a restaurant overlooking a lake.
 floor: [noun] all the rooms that are on the same level of a building. Example: On the 10th floor of my apartment block, there are 6 different apartments.
 hanging garden: [noun] a type of garden on a balcony or roof in which many plants are in baskets which hang down from baskets fastened to the walls.
Example: Many people in our apartment complex grow flowers in baskets which hang from the walls of their balconies.
 yellow-tinted: [adjective] having a light yellow colour. Example: The yellow-tinted lights gave our apartment a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Part 3

What kinds of home do most people in your country live in?

Do you think moving to a new home can bring problems to people?

Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by?


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