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IELTS Videos that help you gain a better understanding of the IELTS Test along with the strategies, tips and tricks to obtain a high band score.

How do I prepare for my IELTS test?

Well, this page offers you videos as a step by step guide to learning and prepping for your IELTS Test and of course, answering all the questions that’s in your head about the IELTS Test. All you’ve got to do is start with ‘Introducing you to IELTS’ which provides you with videos on all the details you need to know about the exam. You can then move on to sections of the IELTS exam, arranged in exactly the same order in which you would take the test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Watch these videos to learn absolutely everything about the IELTS Sections, from the duration to the kinds of questions along with examples.

Topic 1: Introducing you to IELTS

Video 1: IELTS Indicator

Amidst the Covid-19 chaos, the managers of the IELTS test have brought about a new tool called the IELTS Indicator to help you take up the tests in the safety of your homes. Figure out how you can take up the test!

Video 2: IELTS Test Format

The IELTS Test has four sections and each of these sections follow a particular format. Watch this video for the formats.

Video 3: IELTS Test Dates

When are the IELTS Tests conducted? How do I know the available test dates and book them? Are the test dates for Academic and General the same? Get answers to all the questions swirling in your head!

Video 4: Preparation tips/Strategies on IELTS

Are you packed with information and don’t really know how to work with too much information? Click on this video to gain some insights on the strategies for acing the IELTS Tests by our IELTS Examiner.

Video 5: IELTS Band Scores

All the information provided to you focuses on what you should do for the IELTS Exam, but how would you know what you need to prioritise more if you don’t know how you will be evaluated?

Topic 2: Listening

Video 1: Introduction to Listening

Does it have just one section or two? How many sections does it have? How do I write the answers? Is it all multiple-choice questions or are there more? Click on the video to get your answers!

Video 2: Listening Tips

So, I listen and then write the answers? But what if I missed an answer? How do I know what I’m looking for? Do the answers come in the same order as the audio script?

Topic 3: Reading

Video 1: Introduction to Reading

How many pages to I get in a reading section? How does it differ for IELTS General and Academic?

Video 2: True/False/Not Given

Among the many types of questions that the reading section contains, True/False/Not Given is one of them and quite tricky too. Watch this video on tips explained with an example on how to find the answers to these questions effortlessly.

Topic 4: Writing

Video 1: Introduction to Writing

This video provides us with information on the types of Tasks in IELTS Writing section and its differences in General and Academic.

Video 2: Introduction to Writing Task 1

What does the Academic Writing Task 1 have? What kinds of questions would we be asked? How long should I spend on Task 1?

Video 3: Introduction to General Writing Task 1

What does the General Writing Task 1 have? What kinds of letters would we be asked? How long should I spend on Task 1? How do I identify the kinds of letters? What are the greetings that should be used for each kind of letters?

Video 4: Writing Task 2

How long should I write Writing Task 2? How many words should my essay contain? What kinds of essay questions would appear in my test? What structure should I follow during the test?

Video 5: How to write an introduction? + How to write overview or conclusion

One of the most important assessment factors in an essay is the structure of the essay. And each IELTS essay or diagram needs to have an introduction or overview along with a conclusion. Get ideas on how to write the introduction/overview and conclusion.

Topic 6: Speaking

Video 1: Introduction to Speaking

The IELTS Speaking section won’t be conducted on the same day? How long is this test? How do I talk to the examiner in front of me? What kinds of questions would the examiner ask me? Find your answers in this video.

Video 2: IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner

What do I do as soon as I walk into the test room? How would I greet the examiner? Do I wait until I’m asked to sit down?

Video 3: Introduction to Speaking Part 1

If this part contains personal questions, how do I answer them? What if I don’t know an answer? What if they tell me to talk about something I have never experienced?

Video 4: Introduction to Speaking Part 2

How do I answer the cue card? Do I remember my points or am I allowed to write it down somewhere? How do I know if my 2 minutes is up? How do I talk for 2 minutes?

Video 5: Introduction to Speaking Part 3

What kind of questions would they ask me in Part 3? How do I answer them? What happens if I don’t know the answer? How do I get extra time to think?

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