IELTS Writing Actual Test In May, 2016 & Band 9 Sample


IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Nowadays, young people admire sports stars though they often do not set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Band 9 Model Answer:

In recent years there has been a growing tendency for the younger generation to look up to sports stars as role models.  Although not all famous athletes set a good example, I believe that the majority do have a positive influence on the behaviour of youngsters.

From an individual perspective, an adolescent may idolise a well-known sportsperson who has many good qualities.  No successful sports star makes it to the top without years of dedication to training and a healthy lifestyle.  A youngster who seeks to emulate David Beckham or Serena Williams will be inspired to join a sports club and work out regularly at the gym as a step on the ladder of success.  Other sportspeople have shown determination to overcome injuries or illness, another admirable quality that may motivate some young people to deal with such setbacks in their own lives. The Paralympic Games, for example, are watched on TV worldwide, and disabled youngsters can draw inspiration from athletes in wheelchairs or with artificial limbs competing at the highest level.

From a social perspective, there are many examples of sports stars who provide a moral lesson for youngsters to follow.  Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most idolised football superstars in the world, but he still finds time to support charity events and inspire his fans to join charitable campaigns.  Even negative examples of sports stars who have cheated to reach the top serve as moral lessons for young people.  The cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was found guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs, was publicly shamed, though he had once been a hero because of his personal fight against cancer.

In conclusion, youngsters are influenced in positive ways by their admiration for sports celebrities and the example of fitness, dedication and sometimes altruism set by those stars.

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Look up to
Makes it to the top
Draw inspiration from
Reach the top
Charitable campaigns
Performance-enhancing drugs

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