IELTS Writing Correction Service


Why use this service?

Beside listening, reading and speaking, writing is an essential skill for IELTS examination. Different types of IELTS exam train you different writing style. For example, general IELTS tests your skill of writing emails or letters which is very common in everyday communication. Meanwhile, academic IELTS tests your general knowledge, critical thinking and use of academic language. knows that these skills require continuous practice in the long run. In addition to self-study, you need advice and help from experienced IELTS trainers to correct your mistakes from the basic ones such as spelling, grammar, sentence structure to complicated ones such as task achievementcoherence and cohesion throughout the essay. Besides, you need fully detailed correction, suggestions and sample answers as references for further improvement.

In order to meet your needs, offer all IELTS-takers IELTS WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE.

Not only do our experienced IELTS trainers assess your essays in accordance to the exam criteria, but we also give detailed explanation and suggestions to improve your essays. Additionally, you can look for a variety of sample answers updated regularly and a number of helpful tips and advice from experts or high-score achievers in our official website.

Yes, the initial aim of this service is to help you get a desired IELTS score, but further than that, what you can gain from your mistakes for future use is even more important to us.

Let IELTSmaterials be a partner to always guide and help you achieve your desired IELTS score.


The service offer you

  • 4 pages of feedback.
  • Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes.
  • Suggestions on how to improve your ideas, vocabulary, writing skills, academic language and structure.
  • An examiner’s report on each of the four marking criteria and ways to improve your score.
  • A reliable IELTS band score.
  • Band 9 sample answer.
  • Free lessons on
  • Essays returned within 24 hours* of sending.
  • Each exam component explained and evaluated.
  • Task Response evaluated and guidance given on how to improve.
  • Cohesion and Coherence analysed with immediate feedback.
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Mistakes not only identified but corrections and suggestions given to push further improvements.
  • Lexical Resource: Your current vocabulary reviewed and suggestions given to improve
  • 24 hour turnaround time.
  • grammatical errors will be highlighted, fixed and explained.

1/ Your essay would be assessed, corrected right in place so you will receive a very detailed feedback REAL SOON. Based on four official criteria for Writing from British Council, your mistakes would all be spotted, categorized and corrected, so you’re learning not only for the IELTS exam, but for further improvement and enriching knowledge of English.


5/ Reasonable service fee


How to sign up?

  1. Choose the package


  1. You will be immediately sent a package of real essay questions to your email.
  2. Do the questions at home and then email them back to us.
  3. We will reply with your corrections and examiner’s report within 24 hours.




“Hi Julie! It would be way more difficult to level up my band score in such short time without you, Julie! Assessment and feedback was given real quick with detailed explanation and suggestions. These pieces of advice helped raise my band score from 5.5 to 7.0 just after 4 months.

Thank you again, Julie & your team, for introducing such a wonderful service”


Hi Julie, I received my IELTS results today!!!! 
My overall score is Band 7.0 with Writing 7.5.  I can’t appreciate you enough for all your help in improving my writing score. I will re-sit the IELTS test soon in May. Hope you can set aside your time to correct more essays for me. Thank youu!!

Testimonial 2:

“I was introduced to WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE by a friend who got 7.5 for her writing section. She was such a hardworking IELTS beginner that she actively sent her essays to the service for correction. She was completely excited about how quickly the essays were assessed and corrected. Tips and band 8 or 9 sample answers were also attached as reference. It’s been a year since I decided to try this service accordingly to her recommendation. My progress is amazing ever since. Just now I got a 7.5 for writing and 7.5 overall similar to my friend.

At first I and my friend were quite worried about the fee, yet from our result, we definitely agreed that IT WORTHS. I’m pretty sure I would recommend this service to other friends, too. Many thanks to you, IELTSmaterial.”


Hi Julie, I received my IELTS results today!!!! My overall score is Band 7.0 with Writing 7.5.  I can’t appreciate you enough for all your help in improving my writing score. I will re-sit the IELTS test soon in May. Hope you can set aside your time to correct more essays for me. Thank youu!!


Testimonial 3:

“Before I knew about WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE, as a young beginner, I was completely lost at first place. Part 1 has got so many graphs, charts and especially diagrams which were apparently not familiar to me. And part 2 is even more difficult as you’ll never know what you’re going to be asked, right?

So one time I searched online for the right methods to get good mark, IELTSmaterials appeared. It was a huge change for me. There are a number of tips, advice and experienced written or collected by experienced assessors and high-score achievers. And then when I was looking for materials to upgrade my writing band score, IELTSmaterials offered me WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE. This is exactly what every self-study IELTS taker needs.

So I decided to try and the result was beyond my expectation. Although the first time I only got 6.0 in the real exam, in less than 5 months later I finally gained myself a 8.0. And this result was just by self-study with WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE. What is more, the knowledge also benefits for my study as well.

Thank you IETLSmaterials and WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE for being so helpful. I hope more and more IELTS takers would have chances to get access to you.”

Testimonial 4

My writing skills wouldn’t be improved so quickly without the help from IELTSmaterials assessors.

Throughout the process of studying for IELTS, I wrote a number of essays and I’ve seen my score increasing from band 5.0 to 7.5 before I went for the real exam. And I actually achieved 7.5.

Among the current websites for IELTS study, IELTSmaterials remain my go-to and definitely my recommendation for friends who wish to achieve a high band score.

Testimonial 5

“I had taken IELTS twice but got only 5.5 and 6.0, which were not high enough for my university’s entry requirement. Yet during the time I prepared for the third exam, I came accross IELTSmaterials. As I knew they offer a WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE, I was so excited because my writing has got the lowest score for most of the time. They’ll give you full of feedback to improve, even some very common mistakes like spelling and grammar. Some mistakes can be corrected in many ways and they’ll list them all for you. After 4 months my score finally climbed to 7.5 with 7.0 for my writing.

Thank you so much the assessors of CORRECTION SERVICE, for helping me improving my essential English skills this far.

I wish you all the best.”

Testimonial 6

“Your help is very much appreciated. The materials from IELTSmaterials as well as feedback from Writing Correction Service are so helpful and easy to understand that I can see improvements clearly. I took the exam just one time after 6 months and this is my result: Listening 7.0, Reading 8.0, Speaking 7.0, Writing 8.0, Overall 8.0.”

Once again, thank you so much.”

Testimonial 7

“I jsut received my result this morning and I can’t believe it!!! I got an 8.0 finally!!! And to all the accessors of WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE, a biggg thanks to you all. My writing score has raised from 5.5 to 7.0 in just 3 months. I’ll definitely recommend IELTSmaterials and your CORRECTION SERVICE to my friends as well. Thank you and all the best!”

Testimonial 8

“WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE-The best correction service I’ve ever used. Their feedback is highly detailed yet will be sent back to you quickly. You can also find hundreds of reference materials for any skills you need in their official website-IELTSmaterials. They are all super helpful and super easy to understand. My writing score were 7.0-7.5 yet I got 8.0 in the real exams. Now I’m also more confident on my English.

Thank you.”

Testmonial 9

I’ve been a follower of IELTSmaterials for a while. The references are useful and up-todate. However, unlike listening and reading, I found out that for writing and speaking, it is so difficult for me to just study by myself. I needed my essays to be assessed by someone who had experiences on this. Thus, when I knew about WRITING CORRECTION SERVICE, I decided to try ASAP!!! And I’ve got Band 7.5 for Writing and Band 8.0 overall within 4 months!

Thank you IELTSmaterial and CORRECTION SERVICE. Definitely recommend this website to other IELTS takers.

And it would be even more wonderful if a SPEAKING CORRECTION SERVICE specialized for improving speaking skills was introduced one day.”

Testimonial 10

” First of all thank IELTSmaterials very much for running such an amazing service for essay evaluation. The comments were highly specific and helpful for IELTS takers to learn from their mistakes. I cannot believe I got 7.5 for writing!!!

I have recommended IELTSmaterials and CORRECTION SERVICE to a lot of friends. I’m sure they’ll find them useful and reliable just like I did.”

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