IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test in March 2017 & Sample Essay

IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test in March 2017 & Sample Essay

The best way to solve the world’s environmental problems to increase the costs of fuels. Do you agree or disagree?

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Some people argue that the best approach to deal with such problems is to increase fuel prices, assuming that it will lead directly to the drop in car use. This approach is productive to some extent, but some other measures should be given equal consideration.

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It should be first noted that car use alone does not take up the entire consumption of petrol, although people’s obsession with car use contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emission. Petrol is intended for other applications too, such as electricity generation, the daily running of equipment and machinery for industrial and agricultural purposes. People are not surprised to see that the appliances used by many families are powered by petrol as well. Therefore, when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, people should take different methods simultaneously, instead of relying on any single method only.

People should acknowledge the fact that the demand for petrol is generally inelastic, at least in the short run. The consumption of petrol would not vary significantly according to the fluctuation of petrol price. To such a high degree have people relied on petrol in their daily lives that they cannot cut petrol use immediately. Some people might argue that using public transport is an alternative, but notably, public transport itself is a large producer of carbon dioxide. Going on foot or by bike is clean, but not preferred by many people, who are extremely time-conscious.

Therefore, the effort to reduce greenhouse gases emission by curbing car use cannot achieve any immediate outcome unless sufficient time is given. Over a period of years, petrol consumption is very likely to drop, when households realise that fuels represent an increasing proportion of expenditure. People might turn to fuel-efficient cars or reduce non-essential trips, both resulting in the drop in petrol use. Car manufacturers are forced to enlarge research and development investment in producing hybrid cars or cars powered by renewable clean energy sources, a cure-all for car emission problems.

In conclusion, imposing petrol tax is neither the main nor the only solution to environmental problems that people are struggling to solve, although the utilisation of fossil fuels, particularly petrol, is the largest source of emissions. Some other methods should be taken into consideration as well.

Band 7.5 Sample

Environmental issues are now becoming global concerns. Some people believe that an increase in fuel price is the best solution to reduce those problems. However, I am of the opinion that there are particular measures would be more effective than raising fuel costs.

It is a fallacy to consider high fuel costs as the best way to tackle environmental problem. Advocates of such a perception tend to claim that heightening fuel prices would lead to a decrease in the amount of fuel consumption for transportation and production resulting in reducing carbon dioxide emission and toxic air pollutants from vehicles and factories which are likely to be the main causes of greenhouse effect and global warming. However, such a scenario would not happen since using fuel terms to be a deep-rooted practice of human, which could be clearly seen that most vehicles in the world use fuels as the main source of energy. Furthermore, this solution may not only have no positive impact on the global environmental condition but also cause a counter-effects on the world’s economy. Therefore, applying a higher fuel price should not be regarded as the most practical solution.

In my point of view, some feasible measures could be taken to handle our environmental issues. Firstly, the governments should introduce laws as well as organize campaigns to encourage their citizens to use public transportation which may directly reduce the amount of smoke released from private cars and motorbikes. Besides, every country should have its public transportation improved to promote such a type of eco-friendly commuting mode. Secondly, an immense investment in renewable sources to reduce the cost of these types of power would switch people’s habit to use alternative energy instead of fossil fuels. Compared to such an inefficient measure like heightening fuel costs, those solutions tend to be more practical and sustainable to tackle environmental issues.

In conclusion, high fuel cost could not be considered as the most feasible method to solve environmental issues as other measures are likely to be more practical and sustainable.

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