IELTS Writing Task 1 Diagram

IELTS Writing Task 1 diagram

Often in the IELTS Writing Task 1 exam, you would come across process diagrams. These diagrams are different from graphs or tables that appear in the examination.

IELTS Writing task 1 diagram Structure

Each of the visual representation in writing task 1 has a structure. Following the appropriate structure is essential to score a high band in the examination.  The structure for the process diagram is as follows:


You have to paraphrase the question that is given. Paraphrasing means you should use synonyms to rephrase the sentence given in the question.


After you give a brief introduction to the diagram, you have to give a general overview of the diagram where you have to explain what is described in the diagram. It is different from a bar graph, table or chart, where you have to describe trends. In the diagram, there will usually be a process and you may have to explain the process from beginning to end and the number of steps in the process. 

Specific features

After you explain the overview there are a few specific features that you need to include while explaining the diagram. As the first step, you need to explain the different stages of the diagram in detail. The specific features in the diagram can be explained using the following ways:

Using connectors

The connectors are very important in explaining the different stages of the diagram. They help you in explaining the main features of the diagram. The following are different connectors that can be used to explain the diagram.

  • To begin with

Eg:  To begin with, the clay is purchased from a wholesale vendor

  • First of all

Eg:  First of all, the clay must soften.

  • Then

Eg:  Then, you need to use a dye to shape it.

  • Next

Eg: Next, you need to place the mould in a dry place

  • In the next stage

Eg: In the initial stage there will be some moisture in it. In the next stage, it will harden.

  • Subsequently

Eg:  Subsequently, they undergo heat treatment

  • Finally

Eg: Finally, the desired shape will be obtained.

Using additional information

In the writing task 1, there will also be additional information given in the question so that you make use of all the information given to explain the main features of the question.

In some stages, there will be a lack of information which is done on purpose, (things which are implicit).

One more thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not write the conclusion in writing task 1 because it is not a 250-word essay.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Diagram Tips

There are few tips, which have to be borne in mind while writing a process diagram. If you follow these tips you will be getting an idea of how to attempt this question and also you will be able to score the desirable band. You can follow the tips which are stated below:

Understand the marking criteria

You must know the marking scheme of this particular section. If you know on what basis the IELTS scores are given, you will be able to answer the question appropriately and also fulfil the expectations of the examiner.

Paraphrasing the question

Paraphrasing is one of the key skills required in IELTS. Paraphrasing is nothing but replacing the words given in the question with synonyms. This may not be used only in the introduction, but also can be used in the sentences across the paragraphs. This will help you to achieve the desired band score.

Check your writing

Towards the end of the test, you will be given a few minutes to check the answers that you have written. Utilise this time to check for spelling mistakes, silly mistakes and grammar. Only accurate answers will help you achieve the desired result.

Also check:


What is a process diagram? Give some examples.

The diagram which shows a process.
Eg.1: The diagram showing the process of the water treatment.
Eg.2: The diagram showing the the life cycle of a frog.

What is the structure for a process diagram?

Detailed explanation

Is there a dedicated vocabulary for the process diagram?

Yes. There is. Some examples are “To begin with”, “In the next stage”, “subsequently”.

Can I club Introduction with Overview?

Yes. You can. Use the word “Overall” to indicate that it is an overview sentence and highlight the key features.

Should I describe the process diagram in passive voice?

Mostly yes.

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