Improve your Skills : Listening & Speaking for IELTS 6.0 – 7.5 (Ebook)

Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking For IELTS
Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking For IELTS

Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills is a complete preparation course for students at score bands 6.0 – 7.5 preparing for the Listening and Speaking components of the International English Language Testing System.

Through targeted practice, it develops skills and language to help you achieve a higher IELTS score in these two components.

Descriptions :

You can use Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills as a book for studying on your own or in a class.

If you are studying on your own, Improve Your IELTS Listening and IELTS Speaking Skills is designed to guide you step by step through the activities. The hook is completely self-contained: a clear and accessible key is provided, so you can easily check your answers as you work through the book. There are two CDs which contain all the recorded material necessary for the Listening skills and Speaking skills sections of each unit.


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If you are studying as part of a class, your teacher will direct you on how to use each activity. Some activities, especially in the Topic talk and Speaking skills sections, provide the opportunity for speaking and discussion practice.

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How is Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills organized ?

It consists of ton units based around topics which occur commonly in the real test. Each unit consists of:

Topic talk: exercises and activities to introduce vocabulary and ideas useful for the topic. Listening skills: exercises and activities to develop the skills for questions in the Listening component

Speaking skills: exercises and activities to develop skills and language for the Speaking component, including practice questions from one part of the module.

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Pronunciation: exercises and activities to practise key aspects of pronunciation in English. Exam listening: one complete section of the listening exam to practise the skills learned.

In addition, there are Techniques boxes throughout the book. These reinforce key points on how to approach listening and Speaking tasks.

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How will Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills improve my score ?

  • By developing skills

The skills sections of each unit form a detailed syllabus of essential IELTS Listening and Speaking skills. For example, in listening skills there is coverage of Predicting in notes and labelling a map or plan. In Speaking skills, there is coverage of Giving extended answers as well as Agreeing and disagreeing. There is also a Pronunciation section at the end of the Speaking skills sections.

  • By developing language

The Tbpic talk part of each unit develops vocabulary, phrases, and sentence forms for use in the Listening and Speaking components. The Speaking skills section has phrases to help you introduce and organize your spoken answers.

  • By developing test technique

The Listening skills sections introduce you to the skills you need to tackle the various types of question that can be asked. Knowing the best way to tackle each type of question will enable you to get the best mark you can. The Speaking skills section will make you familiar with the different question-types and enable you to relax in the exam and perform at your best.

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