Can I write answers using commas?

Questions about IELTSCategory: QuestionsCan I write answers using commas?
Aiana asked 2 years ago

Can I write answers using commas?
The speaker on the tape was talking about vitamins, their functions, which products we can get them from. When talking about vitamin C she said:We need 30 mg a day, and can only really get this amount from eating plenty of citrus fruit and fresh vegetables.(Her exact words. If you are wondered how I managed to memorize them:I was doing a practice listening and I just pasted the sentence from a transcript) I could write no more than 3 words, and in a column where to get it, I wrote: citrus fruits, vegetables.In answer key, the correct answer was: fruits and vegetables.
So my question is: can I write answers using commas or it will be considered as incorrect?

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Can I write answers using commas?
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