Is “guy” gender-neutral?

Questions about IELTSIs “guy” gender-neutral?
Huy Quoc Staff asked 2 years ago

“You guys” is a familiar, all-inclusive way of addressing a group of men or women directly. That said, there are some important distinctions you must understand:

“You guys” is more likely to be said in women => women or men => men or women => men ormixed-group => mixed-group contexts. It is less likely to be used in men => women contexts, but is still heard and would probably not occasion any confusion or merriment.

The singular “guy” is another animal. It refers to males. It is also used to draw gender distinctions in a general way.

A guy walked into my store and asked for some cigarettes.

There is no doubt that this is a man we’re talking about.

In most plural usages that are not directly addressing a group, this rule also applies.

Guys are pretty simple, when you get right down to it.

This will also be understood to refer to men only. If you wanted to make the same statement about women, you would use another noun: women, gals, whatever.

However, you could say something like

My friends in San Francisco? Those guys are so crazy!

Now we’re not sure we’re talking about men. If the speaker is female, it might mean a group of women. Note that I say might. It is more likely she would still be talking about men, but you never know.

It’s a hard word to pin down. Much depends on context.

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Is “guy” gender-neutral?
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