“More clear” vs “Clearer”: when to use “more” instead of “-er”?

Questions about IELTS“More clear” vs “Clearer”: when to use “more” instead of “-er”?
Huy Quoc Staff asked 3 years ago

The basic rules of forming comparatives:

One syllable words take -er:

clear -> clearer
sweet -> sweeter

Multisyllable words take “more”:

incredible -> more incredible (not "incredibler")
horrible -> more horrible (not "horribler")

Two-syllable words ending in consonant + y take “ier”:

happy -> happier
pretty -> prettier

Both “more clear” and “clearer” are acceptable:

Your answer is more clear than mine.

Your answer is clearer than mine.

Frequency of use: clearer than is twice as common as more clear than, although both are common.

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