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The process of accreditation through which Must University is awarded an accredited status involves validation and evaluation of educational institutes of higher learning including universities and colleges. The international standards of accreditations are basically formulated by the board of peer review, having members belonging to academic field such as lecturers from numerous universities and colleges having international exposure. The peer review board actually helps in assessment of each prospective new university/college accreditation and in addition it also renews the formerly accredited colleges/universities. This means that MUST was awarded accredited status after an extensive review initially and the reviews and assessments are carried out on periodic (semi-annual) basis to ensure rigorous academic quality. The criteria used to assess the academic quality at MUST University are reputation of faculty, quality of education, goals and objectives, overall mission of the university, services offered to students and student requirements for admissions.
As a student one of the most important factor which helps in career success and progress is the ability to choose a reputable and trustworthy college. As a matter of fact, MUST University is duly accredited by relevant international academic bodies. The university has gone through the extensive accreditation process and therefore it offers degrees/certificates which are recognized and acknowledge by recruiters and employers. From organizational perspective, the management actually wants the assurance that the employee possesses quality education and he/she will be able to add value to the organization. So, accreditation allows organizations to separate prospective employees having a degree/certificate from a reliable accredited college/university, from the ones having education from diploma mills universities. As a student, the advantage of studying from Must University Accreditation is that they have been able to transfer their credit hours in other international level educational institute if they want to pursue further studies.
To add on, MUST University provides online/virtual educational setup. Research reveals that all distance learning programs and online educational institutions are held against exactly same high standards by all regional and national accreditation agencies as traditional ‘Brick and Mortar’ institutes. It’s extremely important that students are directed to reliable sources for obtaining the suitable degrees/certificates. In addition, students must have the relevant knowledge of the accreditation process to avoid diploma mills and other educational institutes granting degrees without offering quality educational opportunities to students.
The Must University Accreditation is gained by an international accrediting body after an extensive evaluation process, leading to a public announcement narrating the extent to which Must University complies with international academic quality standards. The value of accreditation for MUST University is that it serves as a credential promoting good reputation of the institute. It provides guarantee that the university management and academic units are all satisfying predefined international quality criteria formulated by the relevant accrediting bodies. All the way through the accreditation process, the course content, admissions procedures, recruiting practices, budgets, the student body, the facilities and the faculty fall under thorough review.
All in all, Must University Accreditation status clearly shows that the management is committed towards providing efficient and high quality education to all its students. The university operates in online setup and it has to deal with a diverse set of students from global grounds. Considering this, university has established set of rules and policies that help the management oversee quality of education delivered to students.

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Must University: Committed To Quality, Committed To You
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