Reading Practice Test 02 with Solution


Questions 15-18

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in Boxes 15-18 on your answer sheet.

  1. A tye was …

A a green

B a large open area

C common land with trees

D found at the junction of two or more routes

  1. The Pebmarsh area …

A probably had seven tyes

B probably had six tyes

C appears to have had five or six tyes

D was not in East Anglia

  1. The tyes in the Pebmarsh area were …

A near the river

B used by medieval freemen

C mostly at the margins of the parish

D owned by Haris Colne Priory

  1. According to the writer, wealthy landowners …

A did not find the sight of forest land attractive

B found the sight of forest land attractive

C were attracted by the sight of forest land

D considered forest land unproductive

Question 19-29

Complete the text below, which is a summary of paragraphs 3-6 in Reading Passage 2. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage to fill each blank space.

Write your answers in Boxes 19-29 on your answer sheet.

1380s- John Hayle, who is __________19________, apparently gave his name to Hayles Tye.

1500s- the name of Hayles Tye was still _______20______, _____21_______ again in the following two centuries in relation to taxes.

18th century- Hayles Tye was renamed__________22______ the original dwellings may either have dissappeared, or were _____23_________.harles Townsend.

1821- Charies Townsend built _________25_______ cottages on the site, _______26_______inhabited by two families, but by the end of the nineteenth century only one cottage_______27_______.

1933- The cottage, now called File’s Green Cottage, was bought by the local _____28_______ manager who converted the cottage into ________29_______.

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